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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you fix all laptop makes and models? 
Yes, we've built strong partnerships with a range of component suppliers so we can easily get hold of parts, fast.
Plus, our technicians have the experience needed to fix any brand.
Why are BCF Computer Repair cheaper than other companies? 
Because we don't have fancy offices, we can pass on savings like that to you.
 Plus, our strong links with suppliers means we can get the best deals on parts.
I live nearby; can I bring my laptop in?  
Of course! If you prefer to drop off your unit that's absolutely fine.
We're even happy for you to organise your own shipping if you prefer, although we highly recommend the security and protection of the SwapIt boxes.
Can you really turn around most jobs between 3-5 working days? 
Yes. On orders confirmed by 1pm, we can usually have a courier pick up your machine that day.
As long as the required parts are in stock - which they normally are - and you sign off the cost of the repair when we receive your machine, it should be back with you on day 3.
I've got a software problem, can you help? 
Yes, and you might not even have to send your laptop to us! We can dial into your machine remotely and fix the problem. Our rates are detailed on the CRM Computer Repair services page.
The repair is too expensive and not worthwhile, what are my options? 
Occasionally it's not economically viable to repair the unit.  In this case, you have a number of options.  We can ship the laptop back to you, we could dispose of the machine for you and/or we could recover the data.  We also have some great deals on new, branded laptops on our website. For more information look through our catalogue of brand new, branded laptops. 
How do I find my PN or VGN number? 
Finding your PN or VGN number is simple. The number is either underneath your laptop or below the LCD screen. Find the location of PN and VGN numbers by brand.